Europe 2014 - Zurs, Day 1

It was tough to leave Paris but the Alps were calling.  We all assembled at the Gare de Lyon awaiting to board the TGV for Zurich.  There were some tense moments on the platform as the last missing bag from the airport arrived with just 5 minutes to spare.   With everyone aboard and luggage strewn throughout the whole car, we were off.  Flying through the countryside at a top speed of 315 km/h we reached Zurich in no time.  There we met up with the remaining few and boarded the bus to Zurs.  First comment the bus driver made was no surprise, "so much luggage."

                                                     Erin rockin' the TGV.

Familiar faces greeted us at the Arlberghaus and we were quick to settle into our rooms as well as the Walserstube.  Dinner was its usual 5 course extravagence and we settled into a more or less good nights sleep.  

                                          The Hardcore Powder Puffs re-united                   

We awoke Sunday morning to a big breakfast and warmish temperatures.  We headed out the door and into the Arlberg.  Conditions were different to our last time here.  Quite firm for most of the morning.  We tried to stay in the sun as we reacquainted ourselves with the likes of: Hexenboden, Zursersee, Seekopf, Muggenrat and Trittkopf.  The groomed runs were fast and firm while the off-piste was good in some places and a little funky in others.  The White Ring Run was "accidently" started so we were off to Zug and halfway down the run a hockey game broke out.  Slick ice resulted in plenty of dynamic braquage and swearing.  Once around to the Lech area, the sun had soften the snow enough to get a better edge purchase.  

The Sonnenburg in Ober-Lech was the stop for lunch which was enjoyed on the sunny front deck.  The afternoon was spent cruising around the Kriegerhorn area looking for the softer conditions in the sun.  Some decided to complete the White Ring and headed up the Rufikopf tram back to Zurs while others had a different approach.  A "quick" stop at the Frozen Icebar before sliding down to Lech and the bus home.

After a quick nap we all re-grouped in the bar for a rehydrating beverage before heading down to the media room for a welcome function from the hotel.  Dinner was great as usual and a lot of tired skiers then headed off to bed to dream of snow falling soon.