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The YES Professional Ski Instructor Course is the ultimate program for anyone looking to get the most out of their time in Whistler. We have spent the last few years listening to our graduates’ feedback and we have built the next generation of ski courses!

Program Overview

So you already have your CSIA Level 1 or international equivalent? And you want to go for the CSIA Level 2? Well you can with YES.

You will improve your skiing, teaching and people skills with the goal of reaching the Level 2 standard. You will also receive suggestions and strategies for your long-term development as a skier. At the end of the 3 week program you will take the CSIA Level 2 course and certification.

We recommend coming for 3 weeks to complete the training and examination but if your time is limited you may choose to come for 2 weeks – talk to us to understand whether that will work for you.

We can also put together a custom schedule for you if you can’t do all 3 weeks in one block – for example do 1 or 2 weeks of ski improvement early in the season, then come back later in the winter to do the exam prep and certification.

  • Week 1 – Ski Improvement – find those ski legs again
  • Week 2 – Level 2 training and prep week
  • Week 3 – CSIA Level 2 exam

Here’s What’s Included:


  • Accommodation
  • Meals! 6 dinners and breakfasts per week (in catered chalets only)
  • Lift Pass
  • Resort rep available 24/7
  • 20+ Hrs of professional on-snow training per week
  • CSIA Level 4 Instructors
  • Small groups to maximize your training
  • Weekly personalized report by your pro
  • Lift line priority during instruction
  • Weekly video analysis
  • Weekly fun video
  • Two social group après per week
  • Optional fun off-snow activities every week!
  • Equipment & store discounts
  • Job assistance
  • YES hoodie
  • The greatest time of your life!


How good a skier do I have to be?

You must have passed the CSIA Level 1 certification (or international equivalent) to be able to join this program.

More Info

YES offers a range of accommodation options so you can choose your own experience.

  • CATERED CHALETS:  These chalets include 6 delicious dinners each week and daily continental breakfasts. Dinners are prepared by your chalet host and all meals are enjoyed in the comfort of your house… it’s like a big family dinner each night! We offer a standard catered chalet and a premium chalet for an additional cost. Click the button below to find out more.
  • SELF-CATERED CHALETS: These chalets don’t include a meals package so the overall cost is cheaper. There is a kitchen provided so you can make your own meals.
  • Peak Chalet, Alpine Chalet and Creekside Chalet are best suited to guests aged 18-25. Downhill House and YES Condos are best suited for guests aged 30+. If you fall in between get in touch and we can help you work out the best place for you.

Please note -the CSIA requires that you gain 10 Education Credits after the Level 1 certification to be eligible to take the Level 2 Certification. Find out more on the CSIA website here.

YES can assist and offer advice with this process, just ask!

Wondering what you’ll be doing while you’re here? View sample itineraries for our programs:

11 week7 week and 4 week

Program Pricing

All Prices are listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Select your preferred catering option and start dates to see the prices by room type. 

Note that twin share and single rooms are only available in Peak Chalet – click on the ‘+’ symbol if you don’t see them.

Start DateAccommodationCatered?Quad ShareTriple ShareTwin ShareSingle Room
21-Dec-1911-Jan-20Level 2 UpgradePeak ChaletYes$6,300$6,650$7,000$7,900
21-Dec-1911-Jan-20Level 2 UpgradeAlpine ChaletYes$5,550$5,900
21-Dec-1911-Jan-20Level 2 UpgradeCreekside ChaletNo$5,000$5,300
21-Dec-1911-Jan-20Level 2 UpgradeDownhill HouseNo$7,475$9,800
21-Dec-1911-Jan-20Level 2 UpgradeYES CondoNo$7,475$9,800
08-Feb-2029-Feb-20Level 2 UpgradePeak ChaletYes$6,300$6,650$7,000$7,900
08-Feb-2029-Feb-20Level 2 UpgradeAlpine ChaletYes$5,550$5,900
08-Feb-2029-Feb-20Level 2 UpgradeCreekside ChaletNoSOLD OUTSOLD OUT
08-Feb-2029-Feb-20Level 2 UpgradeDownhill HouseNo$7,475$9,800
08-Feb-2029-Feb-20Level 2 UpgradeYES CondoNo$7,475$9,800
07-Mar-2028-Mar-20Level 2 UpgradePeak ChaletYes$6,300$6,650$7,000$7,900
07-Mar-2028-Mar-20Level 2 UpgradeAlpine ChaletYes$5,550$5,900
07-Mar-2028-Mar-20Level 2 UpgradeCreekside ChaletNo$5,000$5,300
07-Mar-2028-Mar-20Level 2 UpgradeDownhill HouseNo$7,475$9,800
07-Mar-2028-Mar-20Level 2 UpgradeYES CondoNo$7,475$9,800
04-Apr-2025-Apr-20Level 2 UpgradePeak ChaletYes$5,700$5,850$6,150$6,850
04-Apr-2025-Apr-20Level 2 UpgradeAlpine ChaletYes$4,950$5,100
04-Apr-2025-Apr-20Level 2 UpgradeCreekside ChaletNo$4,375$4,525
04-Apr-2025-Apr-20Level 2 UpgradeDownhill HouseNo$7,475$9,800
04-Apr-2025-Apr-20Level 2 UpgradeYES CondoNo$7,475$9,800
19-Dec-2009-Jan-21Level 2 UpgradePeak ChaletYes$6,600$7,000$7,350$8,300
19-Dec-2009-Jan-21Level 2 UpgradeAlpine ChaletYes$5,800$6,200
19-Dec-2009-Jan-21Level 2 UpgradeCreekside ChaletNo$5,250$5,600
19-Dec-2009-Jan-21Level 2 UpgradeDownhill HouseNo$7,850$10,300
19-Dec-2009-Jan-21Level 2 UpgradeYES CondoNo$7,850$10,300
06-Feb-2127-Feb-21Level 2 UpgradePeak ChaletYes$6,600$7,000$7,350$8,300
06-Feb-2127-Feb-21Level 2 UpgradeAlpine ChaletYes$5,800$6,200
06-Feb-2127-Feb-21Level 2 UpgradeCreekside ChaletNo$5,250$5,600
06-Feb-2127-Feb-21Level 2 UpgradeDownhill HouseNo$7,850$10,300
06-Feb-2127-Feb-21Level 2 UpgradeYES CondoNo$7,850$10,300
06-Mar-2127-Mar-21Level 2 UpgradePeak ChaletYes$6,600$7,000$7,350$8,300
06-Mar-2127-Mar-21Level 2 UpgradeAlpine ChaletYes$5,800$6,200
06-Mar-2127-Mar-21Level 2 UpgradeCreekside ChaletNo$5,250$5,600
06-Mar-2127-Mar-21Level 2 UpgradeDownhill HouseNo$7,850$10,300
06-Mar-2127-Mar-21Level 2 UpgradeYES CondoNo$7,850$10,300
03-Apr-2124-Apr-21Level 2 UpgradePeak ChaletYes$6,000$6,150$6,500$7,200
03-Apr-2124-Apr-21Level 2 UpgradeAlpine ChaletYes$5,200$5,350
03-Apr-2124-Apr-21Level 2 UpgradeCreekside ChaletNo$4,600$4,750
03-Apr-2124-Apr-21Level 2 UpgradeDownhill HouseNo$7,850$10,300
03-Apr-2124-Apr-21Level 2 UpgradeYES CondoNo$7,850$10,300

Already have your own accommodation? You can join us for the 3 week program (excluding accommodation and lift pass) for $2,250 CAD. We can also help you with a Season Pass or Lift Pass if you don’t have your own, just let us know.


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