Snowboard Instructor Program Dates and Prices


All Prices are listed in Canadian Dollars ($CAD).

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Start DateEnd DateProgramAccommodationAvailabilitySix ShareQuad ShareTriple ShareTwin ShareSingle RoomInstruction Only
19-Nov-22 ‡17-Dec-22WBSSUWB Staff HousingSold Out$7,750
26-Nov-2211-Feb-2311 weekHotel SuiteSold Out$17,500*$25,500*$8,789
26-Nov-2211-Feb-2311 weekCreekside ChaletSold Out$13,450$15,250$8,789
26-Nov-2211-Feb-2311 weekDownhill HouseSold Out$13,500$14,750$17,250$8,789
26-Nov-2211-Feb-2311 weekWintergreenSold Out$14,750$17,250$23,400$8,789
26-Nov-2211-Feb-2311 weekTyndall StoneSold Out$14,750$17,250$23,400$8,789
26-Nov-2211-Feb-2311 weekWhite Gold ChaletSold Out$12,000$13,250$14,500$17,000$8,789
26-Nov-2217-Dec-223 week**Downhill HouseSold Out$5,500$6,000$6,750$2,397
26-Nov-2217-Dec-223 week**WintergreenSold Out$6,000$6,750$2,397
26-Nov-2217-Dec-223 week**Tyndall StoneSold Out$6,000$6,750$2,397
26-Nov-2217-Dec-223 week**White Gold ChaletSold Out$4,900$5,300$5,800$6,400$2,397
14-Jan-231-Apr-2311 weekHotel SuiteSold Out$17,500*$25,500*$8,789
14-Jan-231-Apr-2311 weekCreekside ChaletSold Out$13,450$15,250$8,789
14-Jan-231-Apr-2311 weekDownhill HouseSold Out$13,500$14,750$17,250$8,789
14-Jan-231-Apr-2311 weekWintergreenSold Out$14,750$17,250$23,400$8,789
14-Jan-231-Apr-2311 weekTyndall StoneSold Out$14,750$17,250$23,400$8,789
14-Jan-231-Apr-2311 weekWhite Gold ChaletSold Out$12,000$13,250$14,500$17,000$8,789
14-Jan-2311-Feb-234 weekHotel SuiteSold Out$8,000*$12,000*$3,196
11-Feb-2329-Apr-2311 weekHotel SuiteLimited Availability$17,500*$25,500*$8,789
11-Feb-2329-Apr-2311 weekCreekside ChaletSold Out$13,450$15,250$8,789
11-Feb-2329-Apr-2311 weekDownhill HouseLast Bed$11,800$14,000$16,000$8,789
11-Feb-2329-Apr-2311 weekWintergreenSold Out$14,000$16,000$23,400$8,789
11-Feb-2329-Apr-2311 weekTyndall StoneSold Out$14,000$16,000$23,400$8,789
11-Feb-2329-Apr-2311 weekWhite Gold ChaletSold Out$11,150$12,300$13,450$15,250$8,789
11-Feb-2311-Mar-234 weekHotel SuiteLimited Availability$8,500*$12,500*$3,196
11-Feb-2311-Mar-234 weekCreekside ChaletSold Out$6,350$7,250$3,196
11-Feb-2311-Mar-234 weekDownhill HouseLast Bed$6,750$7,350$8,250$3,196
11-Feb-2311-Mar-234 weekWintergreenSold Out$7,350$8,250$3,196
11-Feb-2311-Mar-234 weekTyndall StoneSold Out$7,350$8,250$3,196
11-Feb-2311-Mar-234 weekWhite Gold ChaletSold Out$6,000$6,500$7,100$8,000$3,196
11-Mar-238-Apr-234 weekHotel SuiteLimited Availability$8,500*$12,500*$3,196
11-Mar-238-Apr-234 weekCreekside ChaletSold Out$6,350$7,250$3,196
11-Mar-238-Apr-234 weekDownhill HouseAvailable$6,300$6,700$7,500$3,196
11-Mar-238-Apr-234 weekWintergreenSold Out$6,700$7,500$3,196
11-Mar-238-Apr-234 weekTyndall StoneSold Out$6,700$7,500$3,196
11-Mar-238-Apr-234 weekWhite Gold ChaletLimited Availability$5,400$5,800$6,350$7,250$3,196


Instruction Only: You can join us for any program for Instruction Only if you prefer to arrange your own accommodation. We can also help you with a Season Pass or Epic Pass if you don’t have your own, just let us know.

Add-ons: You can add our catered package to any program for $70 per week. This includes 6 dinners/week delivered weekly to you accommodation, just heat and eat when it suits you!

Availability: Accommodation availability shown here is indicative only and does not reflect real-time availability. Please contact us for more information on current availability of any particular property.

* Twin share in Hotel bookings is only available for a couple or 2 friends booking together. We cannot match you with a room mate, sorry.

** Early season a 3 week program will run instead of the usual 4 week program. Includes CSIA Level 1 only, no AST or backcountry course.

 Note the WBSSU program start date is not fixed and will be confirmed by late summer. See the WBSSU page for more information including additional add-ons available.


Feature11 Week Program4 Week Program3 Week Program
Meals - 6 dinners/week* (Optional Add-On)YES!*YES!*YES!*
Epic Pass or WB Gap Season's Pass**YES!YES!YES!
Ride improvement to CASI Level 1 standardYES!YES!YES!
CASI Level 1 CertificationYES!YES!YES!
Ride improvement to CASI Level 2 standardYES!
CASI Level 2 CertificationYES! - FREE
Snow Park TrainingYES!
CASI Park Instructor ExamYES!***
AST 1 Backcountry courseYES!YES!
Backcountry Gear RentalYES!YES!
Injury Prevention YES!TalkYES!YES!YES!
Equipment Tuning YES!TalkYES!YES!YES!
Boot Fitting & Equipment YES!TalkYES!YES!YES!
YES weekly social apres (2 per week)YES!YES!YES!
Technical Video AnalysisYES!YES!YES!
AST Advanced & Backcountry overnight courseYES!


* Optional Add-On for $70 per week

** The pass type provided is at YES Tour’s sole discretion and subject to availability. Epic passes only available until Nov 30.

*** Park Certification is included for guests with sufficient park skills – your instructor will be able to advise if you meet the standard.

For WBSSU program inclusions, view the WBSSU page.

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