Snowboard Instructor Program Dates and Prices


All Prices are listed in Canadian Dollars ($CAD).

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Start DateEnd DateProgramAccommodationAvailabilitySix ShareQuad ShareTriple ShareTwin ShareSingle RoomInstruction Only
23-Nov-24 ‡21-Dec-24WBSSUCreekside ChaletLimited availability$9,000$8,500
30-Nov-2415-Feb-2511 weekDownhill HouseAvailable$15,750$16,900$19,000$9,889
30-Nov-2415-Feb-2511 weekWintergreenAvailable$16,900$19,000$9,889
30-Nov-2415-Feb-2511 weekTyndall StoneAvailable$16,900$19,000$9,889
30-Nov-2415-Feb-2511 weekHotel SuiteAvailable$19,500*$27,000$9,889
30-Nov-2428-Dec-244 weekDownhill HouseAvailable$8,125$8,700$9,400$3,596
30-Nov-2428-Dec-244 weekWintergreenAvailable$8,700$9,400$3,596
30-Nov-2428-Dec-244 weekTyndall StoneAvailable$8,700$9,400$3,596
30-Nov-2428-Dec-244 weekHotel SuiteAvailable$9,750*$13,500$3,596
18-Jan-255-Apr-2511 weekDownhill HouseAvailable$15,750$16,900$19,000$9,889
18-Jan-255-Apr-2511 weekWintergreenAvailable$16,900$19,000$9,889
18-Jan-255-Apr-2511 weekTyndall StoneAvailable$16,900$19,000$9,889
18-Jan-255-Apr-2511 weekHotel SuiteAvailable$19,500*$27,000$9,889
18-Jan-2515-Feb-254 weekHotel SuiteAvailable$9,750*$13,500$3,596
15-Feb-2526-Apr-2510 week**Downhill HouseAvailable$13,300$14,250$16,000$8,990
15-Feb-2526-Apr-2510 week**WintergreenAvailable$14,250$16,000$8,990
15-Feb-2526-Apr-2510 week**Tyndall StoneAvailable$14,250$16,000$8,990
15-Feb-2526-Apr-2510 week**Hotel SuiteAvailable$17,850*$24,700$8,990
15-Feb-2515-Mar-254 weekDownhill HouseAvailable$8,125$8,700$9,400$3,596
15-Feb-2515-Mar-254 weekWintergreenAvailable$8,700$9,400$3,596
15-Feb-2515-Mar-254 weekTyndall StoneAvailable$8,700$9,400$3,596
15-Feb-2515-Mar-254 weekHotel SuiteAvailable$9,750*$13,500$3,596
15-Mar-255-Apr-253 week**Downhill HouseAvailable$6,300$6,700$7,100$2,697
15-Mar-255-Apr-253 week**WintergreenAvailable$6,700$7,100$2,697
15-Mar-255-Apr-253 week**Tyndall StoneAvailable$6,700$7,100$2,697


Instruction Only: You can join us for any program for Instruction Only if you prefer to arrange your own accommodation. We can also help you with a Season Pass or Epic Pass if you don’t have your own, just let us know.

Add-ons: You can add our catered package to any program for $70 per week. This includes 6 dinners/week delivered weekly to you accommodation, just heat and eat when it suits you!

Availability: Accommodation availability shown here is indicative only and does not reflect real-time availability. Please contact us for more information on current availability of any particular property.

* Twin share in Hotel bookings is only available for a couple or 2 friends booking together. We cannot match you with a room mate, sorry.

** Late season, shorter 10 week and 3 week programs will run instead of the usual 11 week & 4 week programs. 10 week program does not include park skills, 3 week program includes CASI Level 1 only, no AST. See below for all inclusions.

 Note the WBSSU program start date is not fixed and will be confirmed by late summer. See the WBSSU page for more information including additional add-ons available.


Feature11 Week Program10 Week Program4 Week Program3 Week Program
Meals - 6 dinners/week* (Optional Add-On)YES!*YES!*YES!*YES!*
Epic Pass or WB Gap Season's Pass**YES!YES!YES!YES!
Ride improvement to CASI Level 1 standardYES!YES!YES!YES!
CASI Level 1 CertificationYES!YES!YES!YES!
Ride improvement to CASI Level 2 standardYES!YES!
CASI Level 2 CertificationYES! - FREEYES! - FREE
Snow Park TrainingYES!YES!
CASI Park Instructor ExamYES!***YES!***
AST 1 Backcountry courseYES!YES!YES!
Backcountry Gear RentalYES!YES!YES!
Injury Prevention YES!TalkYES!YES!YES!YES!
Equipment Tuning YES!TalkYES!YES!YES!YES!
Boot Fitting & Equipment YES!TalkYES!YES!YES!YES!
YES weekly social apres YES!YES!YES!YES!
Technical Video AnalysisYES!YES!YES!YES!
AST 2 & Backcountry overnight courseYES!


* Optional Add-On for $70 per week

** The pass type provided is at YES Tour’s sole discretion and subject to availability. Epic passes only available until Nov 30.

*** Park Certification is included for guests with sufficient park skills – your instructor will be able to advise if you meet the standard.

For WBSSU program inclusions, view the WBSSU page.

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