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Are you looking for a change of career? Have you always dreamed of escaping the rat race and becoming a ski instructor? Do you need a break from work for a few weeks or months to recharge? Or do you just want to take your skiing to the next level? If so, one of our Career Break Instructor Training Programs will get you where you want to go AND you’ll have the time of your life along the way!

Program Overview

Our Career Break Programs are aimed at guests aged 30+, who want to dedicate time to their skiing and have some certifications to show for their efforts, but don’t want to share a house with a group of 18 year olds while they do it. We offer a broad variety of programs:

To find out more about what is included in each program, follow the links above to look at the program-specific page, or find out more about the course elements through the links here:

Here’s What’s Included*:


  • Accommodation
  • Meals! 6 dinners per week* (optional add-on)
  • Season’s Pass or Epic Pass*
  • Resort rep available 24/7
  • 20+ Hrs of professional on-snow training per week
  • CSIA Level 4 Instructors
  • Small groups to maximize your training
  • Weekly personalized report by your pro
  • Lift line priority during instruction
  • Weekly video analysis
  • Weekly fun video
  • Social group après every week
  • Optional fun off-snow activities every week!
  • Equipment & store discounts
  • Backcountry Gear Rental
  • Job assistance***
  • YES hoodie
  • The greatest time of your life!
  • Notes:

    *Meals package available for $70 per week

    **Pass type at YES’s sole discretion. Epic passes only available for bookings before Nov 30. Season passes are $500 extra.

    ***You must be legally able to work in Canada to get a job


  • CSIA Level 1 Certification - Included
  • CSIA Level 2 Certification - Included
  • Recreational Avalanche AST1 Certification - Included
  • AST Advanced & Backcountry Overnight Course - Included
  • CADS Level 1 - Included
  • BASI Level 2 - Feb 11th start date only
  • 1 year CSIA membership (with Level 1 exam)


  • Ski improvement to CSIA Level 1 standard
  • Ski improvement to CSIA Level 2 standard
  • Snow Park Training
  • Technical Video Analysis
  • Customer Service Workshop
  • Communications Course
  • Injury Prevention Seminar
  • Risk Assessment Training
  • Equipment Tuning Clinic
  • Boot Fitting Talk

*Note inclusions vary based on program type and duration

Check individual program pages for more details.

How good a skier do I have to be?

As long as you are linking turns on a blue run (low intermediate) we can accept you on to a CSIA Level 1 course and turn you into a ski god or goddess!

More Info

YES offers a range of accommodation options so you can choose your own experience.

  • Stay in a single or twin share room in the comfortable Downhill House. This chalet is virtually ski-in ski-out and definitely the fastest way on and off the slopes. The house is typically shared by 3 – 5 guests max in 3 bedrooms and is very spacious and has a fully equipped kitchen. Ideal for those travelling alone and looking for some like-minded housemates.
  • Alternatively stay in one of our 2 bedroom condos (Wintergreen Villas or Tyndall Stone Lodge) if you would prefer less housemates – the condos are close to the slopes and fully equipped too.
  • We are also offering accommodation packages at the very comfortable ski in/out Blackcomb Springs Suites.
  • If your really would rather have your own space, we can organize a suitable private apartment for the duration of your program (or to fit your personal travel schedule). Just let us know what you are looking for and we will get you some quotes.
  • If you are joining a shorter program (1-2 weeks) we can also help you find a hotel deal that meets your needs. Just let us know what you would like and we’ll get you the best prices.

Wondering what you’ll be doing while you’re here? View sample itineraries for our programs:

11 week7 week and 4 week

Program Pricing

All Prices are listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Select your preferred program and start dates to see the prices.

Start DateEnd DateProgramAccommodationAvailabilityTriple ShareTwin ShareSingle RoomInstruction Only
25-Nov-2310-Feb-2411 weekDownhill HouseSold Out$16,400$18,500$9,889
25-Nov-2310-Feb-2411 weekWintergreenSold Out$16,400$18,500$26,000$9,889
25-Nov-2310-Feb-2411 weekTyndall StoneSold Out$16,400$18,500$26,000$9,889
25-Nov-2310-Feb-2411 weekHotel SuiteAvailable$19,000*$26,500*$9,889
25-Nov-2313-Jan-247 weekDownhill HouseSold Out$12,800$13,950$6,293
25-Nov-2313-Jan-247 weekWintergreenSold Out$12,800$13,950$19,400$6,293
25-Nov-2313-Jan-247 weekTyndall StoneSold Out$12,800$13,950$19,400$6,293
25-Nov-2313-Jan-247 weekHotel SuiteAvailable$14,650*$19,745*$6,293
25-Nov-2323-Dec-234 weekDownhill HouseSold Out$8,200$8,900$3,596
25-Nov-2323-Dec-234 weekWintergreenSold Out$8,200$8,900$12,750$3,596
25-Nov-2323-Dec-234 weekTyndall StoneSold Out$8,200$8,900$3,596
25-Nov-2323-Dec-234 weekHotel SuiteAvailable$9,250*$13,000*$3,596
13-Jan-2430-Mar-2411 weekDownhill HouseLimited Availability$16,900$19,000$9,889
13-Jan-2430-Mar-2411 weekWintergreenSold Out$16,900$19,000$26,500$9,889
13-Jan-2430-Mar-2411 weekTyndall StoneSold Out$16,900$19,000$26,500$9,889
13-Jan-2430-Mar-2411 weekHotel SuiteAvailable$19,500*$26,500*$9,889
13-Jan-242-Mar-247 weekDownhill HouseLimited Availability$13,300$14,450$6,293
13-Jan-242-Mar-247 weekWintergreenSold Out$13,300$14,450$19,900$6,293
13-Jan-242-Mar-247 weekTyndall StoneSold Out$13,300$14,450$19,900$6,293
13-Jan-242-Mar-247 weekHotel SuiteAvailable$15,150*$20,245*$6,293
13-Jan-2410-Feb-244 weekHotel SuiteAvailable$9,750*$13,500*$3,596
10-Feb-242-Mar-24Level 2 UpgradeDownhill HouseLimited Availability$7,200$7,750$2,697
10-Feb-242-Mar-24Level 2 UpgradeWintergreenLimited Availability$7,200$7,750$10,450$2,697
10-Feb-242-Mar-24Level 2 UpgradeTyndall StoneSold Out$7,200$7,750$10,450$2,697
10-Feb-2427-Apr-2411 weekDownhill HouseLimited Availability$16,100$17,700$9,889
10-Feb-2427-Apr-2411 weekWintergreenLimited Availability$16,100$17,700$26,500$9,889
10-Feb-2427-Apr-2411 weekTyndall StoneSold Out$16,100$17,700$26,500$9,889
10-Feb-2427-Apr-2411 weekHotel SuiteAvailable$19,500*$27,000*$9,889
10-Feb-2430-Mar-247 weekDownhill HouseLimited Availability$13,300$14,450$6,293
10-Feb-2430-Mar-247 weekWintergreenLimited Availability$13,300$14,450$19,900$6,293
10-Feb-2430-Mar-247 weekTyndall StoneSold Out$13,300$14,450$19,900$6,293
10-Feb-2430-Mar-247 weekHotel SuiteAvailable$15,150*$20,245*$6,293
10-Feb-249-Mar-244 weekDownhill HouseLimited Availability$8,700$9,400$3,596
10-Feb-249-Mar-244 weekWintergreenLimited Availability$8,700$9,400$13,250$3,596
10-Feb-249-Mar-244 weekTyndall StoneSold Out$8,700$9,400$3,596
10-Feb-249-Mar-244 weekHotel SuiteAvailable$9,750*$13,500*$3,596
9-Mar-2430-Mar-24Level 2 UpgradeDownhill HouseAvailable$7,200$7,750$2,697
9-Mar-2430-Mar-24Level 2 UpgradeWintergreenAvailable$7,200$7,750$10,450$2,697
9-Mar-2430-Mar-24Level 2 UpgradeTyndall StoneSold Out$7,200$7,750$10,450$2,697
9-Mar-2427-Apr-247 weekDownhill HouseAvailable$12,300$13,650$20,000$6,293
9-Mar-2427-Apr-247 weekWintergreenAvailable$12,300$13,650$20,000$6,293
9-Mar-2427-Apr-247 weekTyndall StoneSold Out$12,300$13,650$20,000$6,293
9-Mar-2427-Apr-247 weekHotel SuiteAvailable$15,150*$20,245*$6,293
9-Mar-246-Apr-244 weekDownhill HouseAvailable$7,950$8,500$3,596
9-Mar-246-Apr-244 weekWintergreenAvailable$7,950$8,500$13,250$3,596
9-Mar-246-Apr-244 weekTyndall StoneSold Out$7,950$8,500$13,250$3,596
9-Mar-246-Apr-244 weekHotel SuiteAvailable$9,750*$13,500*$3,596
6-Apr-2427-Apr-24Level 2 UpgradeDownhill HouseAvailable$6,700$7,100$2,697
6-Apr-2427-Apr-24Level 2 UpgradeWintergreenLimited Availability$6,700$7,100$11,500$2,697
6-Apr-2427-Apr-24Level 2 UpgradeTyndall StoneSold Out$6,700$7,100$11,500$2,697

Already have your own accommodation? You can join us for any program (excluding accommodation and lift pass) for $899 CAD per week. We can also help you with a Season Pass or Epic Pass if you don’t have your own, just let us know.

Add-ons: You can add our catered package, 6 dinners/week delivered weekly to you accommodation, just heat and eat when it suits you, for $70 / week.


Accommodation availability shown here is indicative only and does not reflect real-time availability. Please contact us for more information on current availability of any particular property.

* Twin share in Hotel bookings is only available for a couple or 2 friends booking together. We cannot match you with a room mate, sorry.


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