CADS - Level 1


CADS (Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing) is a national organization with 1130 members with a disability and 1900 able-bodied volunteers from all regions of Canada, committed to the idea that "SKIING AND SNOWBOARDING IS FUN FOR EVERYONE". The CADS organization has touched thousands of individuals, both on and off the slopes in its 40 year history.

In partnership with CADS the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program runs the operations and trianing courses in Whistler.

Whistler Adaptive is committed to introducing individuals with a disability to sport, recreation and therapeutic sport programming. Whistler Adaptive supports sport for life by breaking down the financial, physical and social barriers as well as creating skills that will lead to future employment within sport and beyond.

Whistler Adaptive empowers individuals through access to one of the world’s best mountain resorts, providing them with the environment, support and opportunity to become physically active and focus on their abilities rather than disabilities. Programs are accessible to both children and adults with cognitive and physical disabilities. Whistler Adaptive serves locals in its community and visitors from across Canada and around the globe.

CADS Level 1

Whistler Adaptive requires all Adaptive Ski & Snowboard Program volunteers and staff to complete their CADS Level 1 before hitting the slopes with an athlete. Each year, instructors can advance their skills by completing the exam at the next level of instruction. CADS instructor certification teaches you about 3-track skiing, 4-track skiing, visually impaired skiing, sit-skiing, and various teaching aids.

This course is a requirement for all CADS Level 1 instructors or those who want to teach skiing to people with disabilities. This course is open to the public and all skiers who are able-bodied or have a disability. The course is done on snow and includes 1.5 hours of teaching in each of the following areas:

  • 3-track skiing
  • 4-track skiing
  • Visually Impaired
  • Teaching Aids
  • Sit-skiing