Bob Brett

B.O.B. has been a Whistler local ever since he followed his first marmot into town. Our ecological wunderkind is just at home on the steep bumps of Whistler Bowl as he is in the murky waters around Lost Lake. Not only will your ski technique improve under the professor’s tutelage, so will your knowledge about blueberries, trees and the reticulate tail-dropper slugs.

Nick name


Year you started teaching

When Elvis was King


Etobicoke, Ontario. No weirder place than Cootamundra, Australia

Your specialty

Turns to the left, preferably on Seppo’s run

Why Whistler

Mountains, snow, lakes and a great community!

Perfect day?

Bluebird skies, powder and a last, non-stop run down Whistler bowl, doom and gloom, grand finale, then Franz’s to Dusty’s for a kokanee gold

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