Rob Haylock Award

  • About the Award

In memory of our friend, we present this award to the instructor trainee who best exemplifies Rob’s virtues of excellence and grace.

About Rob

Rob was a long time client from the late 80's who became a good friend to all our pros & guides on the YES program. He would look forward to Whistler as his second home & he really enjoyed the camaraderie of the YES program. He happened to be here for the first 3 video promotional shoots & thus he got to go heli-skiing with some YES pros - a great highlight for him. He was tragically killed in a car accident on his way from Bulls to Auckland. We were privileged to have known Rob & we had a great deal of video footage of Rob's skiing so we put together a beautiful tribute video of Rob that was played for his family at this funeral in NZ. We continue to play this video for our guests & his favorite song - "Fields of Gold" blasts out as he skis beautifully in waist deep powder Gold & turns into the distance.

Past Recipients

  • 2015    SAM BISHOP, March Skier recipient
  • 2015    ALYCIA NIX, January Skier recipient
  • 2015    JAMES BROOKS, January Skier recipient
  • 2014    EUAN SMILLIE, April Skier recipient
  • 2014    ROB RUTLEDGE, April Skier recipient
  • 2014    CHRIS JACKSON, February Skier recipient
  • 2014    OLIVIA KEEGAN, February Skier recipient
  • 2014    SAM GRAVES, January Snowboarder recipient
  • 2014    OLIVIA CRANE, January Skier recipient
  • 2013    OLIVER SHEAKY, January Skier recipient
  • 2012    GARRICK BROWN, April recipient
  • 2012    DAVID BAXTER, January recipient
  • 2011    GEMMA ROCHE, April recipient
  • 2011    ALEX ORDOOBADI, February recipient
  • 2011    JOSH MASHETT, January Skier recipient
  • 2011    SEAN ALEXANDER, January Snowboarder recipient
  • 2010    REX CARTER, January Skier recipient
  • 2010    SAM BRETT, January Snowboarder recipient
  • 2009    NICK PANAYIDES, April recipient
  • 2009    CAMERON FARRELL, March recipient
  • 2009    JOEL ROY-HIGHLEY, January recipient
  • 2009    NIGEL COELHO, January recipient
  • 2008    OLIVER SELBY, April recipient