Europe 2014 - Zurs, Powder Day

The call to switch days off was a great one as we awoke to blue skies, fresh snow and no one around.  Pictures are worth 1,000 words so I'll just mention the highlights.  All the groups skied hard and had a great time exploring the off-piste.  Great runs were had as well as great crashes.  Some crashes were done off to the side where no one could see, while others were directly under the chair inplain view to everyone.  Snow seems to get inside everything and one even invented a new move, twoga. (yoga position while twerking)  Lots of laughter and lots of tired legs entered the Zursersee for apres ski drinks.  A little siesta time was in order before dinner and then it was off to the Zurserhof for an after dinner drink and some live jazz music.

          Meesh's group recieving last minute instructions before attacking the powder.

                            Lino floating through the Arlberg powder.

                                             Chris making Robbie proud.

                                           Leanne heading back to Zurs.  

                          Wind creating some snowfalls along the Zurser Tali.

                                         Linda rippin' through the pow.

                                                  Lunch at the Schrofli Alm.

                                                The girls showing off their new pants.