Park Training


The Snow Park Certification course is a three day course designed for any skier with park experience who wants an introduction to teaching snow park skills. It includes:

  • An introduction to teaching snow park skills
  • Practical ski improvement and teaching methods with a technical understanding and development of the guest experience
  • Demonstration of advanced park and riding skills
  • Upon successful completion of the course, the candidate is certified to teach snow park skills up an advanced level – air progressions, rails and switch skiing

The course provides training in teaching park skills to children and adults and covers the teaching and technical aspects of switch skiing, snowpark awareness, boxes/rails and air. Candidates also receive coaching on their skiing and demonstrations with suggestions and strategies for personal development.

To pass the certification, candidates do need to successfully demonstrate park skills including 360s, riding 3-4 m long rails and a variety of grabs. If you are interested in being able to take your classes into the park safely but don’t yet have the skills to demonstrate those techniques, you may prefer to participate in the Snowpark Intro module (see below).

Free Tactics / Snowpark intro

This 1 day module is open to all CSIA members who have passed the Level 1 certification. It provides a basic overview of park skills with a focus on safety.

Learn an approach to developing skiers that is fun and flexible!

  • Learn to teach entry level basics in the park: safety, flatboxes, introduction to air.
  • Add to your teaching toolbox with Free Tactics knowledge – creative skill development, features and terrain as development tools, switch skiing.
  • You will have the opportunity to try entry level park features, and discuss them as teaching tools.
  • The training provides the tools to take students into the terrain park safely and teach the basics.
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