CADS – Level 1

What is CADS?

CADS (Canadian Adaptive Snowsports) is a national organization with over 5,200 active members with a disability, volunteers and certified instructors from across all regions of Canada.​ CADS Programs provide opportunities for people with disabilities in Canada to experience the joy of participating and/or competing in alpine adaptive snow sports.

The CADS organization has touched thousands of individuals, both on and off the slopes in its 40 year history. CADS does this by developing and promoting Adaptive Snowsports through partnerships, training, and instructor certification programs. Find out more about CADS on their website.

The Whistler Adaptive Sports Program (in partnership with CADS) runs programs and training courses here in Whistler.

Whistler Adaptive empowers individuals through access to one of the world’s best mountain resorts, providing them with the environment, support and opportunity to become physically active and focus on their abilities rather than disabilities. Programs are accessible to both children and adults with cognitive and physical disabilities. Whistler Adaptive serves locals in its community and visitors from across Canada and around the globe.

This is your opportunity to become part of this incredible organization and to help share your joy and passion for snowsports with others who need a little more support!

CADS Level 1 Certification

Just as with the CSIA system, CADS offers instructor certification to various levels. Level 1 is the introductory certification and is the minimum requirement for anyone who wants to teach or volunteer with CADS.

The CADS Level 1 course is open to the public and all skiers who are able-bodied or have a disability. The course is on-snow and includes teaching in each of the following areas:

  • 3-track skiing
  • 4-track skiing
  • Visually Impaired
  • Teaching Aids
  • Sit-skiing

On completion of the course you will receive your CADS Level 1 certificate.

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