CSIA - Level 1 and 2

The Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance provides excellence in education for the profession of ski teaching, contributing to the growth and enjoyment of skiing.


The Level 1 ski instructor certification is for any competent parallel skier, aged 15 years or older, and seeking to work as a ski instructor. The Level 1 candidate can expect to be exposed to a variety of terrain, snow conditions and terrain features.

The Level 1 exam is a 3 day course with the 4th day dedicated to the Teching Childrens Module. The CSIA technique and methodology outlines the role of ski teaching within the ski industry. It combines the basics of practical ski teaching methods, technical understanding and development of guest service skills, specifically addressing children's skiing. 

The Level 1 certification course includes:

  • An introduction to CSIA skiing and teaching methodology
  • Strategies to develop skiers from entry level to intermediate
  • Techniques and strategies for effective assessment and development
  • Personal feedback on ski performance
  • Interactive preparatory online module

Teaching Childrens Module.

You must complete one of the CSIA modules in order to proceed to Level 2. The TCM - Teaching childrens module is a required module if you plan on teaching for Whistler Blackcomb and therefor is the module that we inlcude in the Level 1 certification course.

The TCM module includes:

  • Developing your understanding of how children develop, both mentally and physically at different ages.
  • Build your toolbox  with tactics for age groups and skill levels
  • Learn practical approaches for safety and class control.
  • The indoor component focuses on communication with children.

Duration: 1 day 
Education credit value: 10 credits 



The Level 2 ski instructor certification is for advanced skiers who have passed the Level 1 certification. The course enables ski instructors to improve their situational teaching skills, to acquire a better understanding of CSIA technique and methodology, and the role of ski teaching within the ski industry. It combines practical ski teaching methods, technical understanding and development, and improvement of guest service skills. 

Candidates will receive coaching on their skiing, teaching and people skills with the goal of reaching the Level 2 standard. They will also receive suggestions and strategies for long-term development. The successful candidate is certified to teach skiers up to intermediate parallel skill level. 

The certification consists of 2 components - The CSIA Level 2 Training and CSIA Level 2 Assesed Training. In total the exam is a 4 day course.

Level 2 Training includes - Performance Criteria – Learning Contract & Situation

  1. Identify students’ experience
  2. Establish goals
  3. Use two-way communication
  4. Provide individual feedback
  5. Integrate safe teaching practices
  6. Use basic class control tactics
  7. Use terrain for skill level of student
  8. Identify snow and weather conditions
  9. Use appropriate lesson pace

Level 2 Assesed Training

During the L2 Assessed Training course, candidates are evaluated on their skiing and teaching skills, the evaluation is conducted on an on-going basis as candidates continue to be trained in this 2 day course. Evaluation relative to the L2 standard is based on the “IACRCv” model (see CSIA Manual, pgs. 5.1.-5.3). Candidates must pass both skiing and teaching aspects to be certified Level 2.